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Photo Credit: Prue Stent

Photo Credit: Prue Stent

So sleepy. So hungry. Leaving for Myanmar trip tomorrow and only about 1/3 of the way through my to do list today. Tiff and I spent time at a women and entrepreneurship event this morning, and it was great learning what other interesting ladies are doing in Phnom Penh. We left early and had a fitting for my Jackie-inspired client at noon. Tiff took photos, I changed a few things and then had to cancel on lunch. This disappointed my favorite three year old and now I feel hangry and sad. This burger better get here fast. We hope your Wednesday is a little bit less hectic, and it you need a happy/good news break, here are a few distracting links. Happy Wednesday!

Really want to start doing this with the apartment.

Creatives in their places.  New fave site and beyond inspirational.

Love this idea, and think it could make Yoga a little more exciting. Now come to Cambodia!

Now if only Club Monaco had pop up stores in Copenhagen on my schedule.

Yeah, he would totally be in Slytherin.

You had me at “a wonderland of monochromatic shapes,” Dawn Ng.

Everlane has a new silk line that I want to live in.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead looks just wonderful in this little new film.

FLOTUS looked amazing, as usual, on her trip to SE Asia. Love the Alice and Olivia dress she wore in Siem Reap. Also good job on the positive messaging.

I want all of these in adult size, please.


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