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Every once in a while, I come across a company, or a person, who is really nailing it. We have featured a few of these awesome people on the blog before, and because I live and work in Phnom Penh (where safe working conditions and basic human rights are not guaranteed), I think about where things come from a lot more. In the global fashion world, there’s an interesting mix of people, ranging from the über-hip-fancy-pants-snobby-face, to the one that has ticked every ethical fashion box and turns organic dirt and chicken feathers into practical orthopedic sandals that support diabetic dolphins. Dsenyo lands nicely in the middle. This fashion company makes beautiful clothing that you actually want to wear, while creating empowering and sustainable jobs for women around the world.

“Dsenyo (dee-SEN-yo) celebrates beauty and empowerment. Our line of fair trade goods includes fair trade jewelry, handbags, ethical fashion, and fair trade gifts. Each fair trade product is handcrafted by women and artisans working to build a better life and inspire social change in their communities.”

Marissa Perry-Saints founded Dsenyo after living in Malawi in effort to create economic opportunities for women. The company has since expanded into Zambia and Brazil, where they are source local textiles and talent to make their beautiful pieces.


Right now, they are on another mission. Dsenyo has teamed up with anti-poaching groups in Zambia to create a jewelry line out of salvaged snare wire. In Zambia, snare wire traps are set by poachers to trap animals for illegal trade. Their Kickstarter Campaign is running right now and I highly recommend watching the video and learning more about the project. It is well worth supporting, and a small contribution will score you some beautiful jewelry from wonderful people.


To learn more about Dsenyo, visit their beautiful website. Please support and share if you can!


(If you have a problem viewing the video, try it here)

All photos by Dsenyo



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