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Photo Credit: Edie Baskin/Taschen

Photo Credit: Edie Baskin/Taschen

Oh Wedneday, you silly bitch. Today is a day to be 20 minutes late, forget you hair tie and spill lentil salad all over your dress day. It happens. We both have a lot of projects going right now, but needed buddy time today. We had a non-blog lunch and just hung the f out. We needed it. It’s so easy to get all business-y when you are doing business with a friend, but it’s important to both of us to be friends first. Of course, during our no-blog time, we talked about the blog about 7 times, but that was bound to happen. It’s great to work with someone who is excited for your success and also there for you when you want to burn the place down. We hope your mid-week is wonderful, and that you also have someone to stop you from setting stuff on fire. Or at least helps you cover it up when you do. x

This is how I really feel about April Fools day.

This nonsense in Indiana needs to stop. And Alabama, you too. Lock it up and stop being terrible.

I totally need a pair of these.

He’s under criticism right now for old tweets, but I am still glad he is the new pick for The Daily Show.

A nice little piece on finding more things to love about yourself.

The moment I saw this article’s title, I knew it was perfect for us.

This magical gardener has cultivated the perfect mixtape for me today.

Potentially the coolest, toughest ladies I have seen, in or out of water.

Apparently personality type and the way your coffee is brewed are completely correlated.

I was running late to lunch with Cait today because of this.   And because you’ll only find it TODAY.


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