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JB1In order to add to the list of things that we do with have no qualifications, we have been asked by a few friends to help re-design their super sweet loft. It’s already a beautiful building with giant windows and terraces and cool little crawl spaces, and won’t be difficult to pretty up. That being said, we have no experience with interior design, which is where Pinterest comes in.

JB-2I have been cruising Pinterest for the past few days, looking at inspiration for the loft space and have re-discovered a designer who I still love as much as ever: Justina Blakeney. She is an interior designer who’s work is a chaotic marriage of prints and nature and color and life. Warmth radiates from her site, and her side project, Face the Foliage, is beautiful and charming. Her website,, is visual dessert. It’s gorgeous. Her blog,, is more like color crack. She shares her styling tips and inspiration and in general seems like a sincerely lovely human. (As do most heavily curated bloggers, I know, I know. I still want to be friends with her.) She even wrote a book on how to turn your house into a scene from Jumanji.

JB3Her own house, which she calls “The Jungalow” is featured on her site, as is her styling work and shop. I have lost so many hours here. I suggest you do the same. When we get moving on the loft re-design, there will be photos. Until then, enjoy the colors and the flowers and the damnit-I-wish-that-was-my-house feelings.

JB6All photos by Justina Blakeney



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