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T / happy monday / hometown hungry

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Photo Credit: Greg Bolton

Photo Credit: Greg Bolton

I make my annual hometown visit in just under three weeks!  And like everyone else who was born and raised in the Big Smoke, I think the city is the centre of the universe, the best place on earth and has some of the best food around. Which is what this post is about.  But as a Canadian, I really shouldn’t make a big deal about that.  Also, Cait used to work in the culinary industry and has already been to a heck ton of the world’s tasty places; but has never been to Toronto. So naturally, I need to show her what it’s all about.

With all this excitement swirling around, I wanted to share this little ditty form Vice Magazine’s MUNCHIES.  My man and I stumbled upon the words “foie gras + Nutella = best friends,” last night and couldn’t let go of it.  (Sidenote: Are Cait and I foie gras and Nutella? If so, which one is which?) We tried to get a table at the Black Hoof back in 2011 but my time away from Toronto meant that I no longer knew the city had gone into full gastronomical combat mode and the place was sadly full with no signs of abatement.  This time, I’m making The Black Hoof a mission and I cannot wait.  Charcuterie board, horse heart salami, bone marrow and tongue tongue tongue, you are all mine (can you tell I like my offal?). Also I’ve heard a lot about this “amazing tacos” at Grand Electric business and I should probably check it out for myself (and bring Cait and our friend Carlos with me).

Unfortunately, none of my friends work in the culinary industry (they are, however, eaters and foodies). There are distant friends of friends though. So let’s see if we can make an interview happen with some cool cats in Toronto’s culinary industry while I’m home. So as they say, “watch this space.”


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