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Header2Looking for a great way to spend a Sunday morning? Take five friends to your favorite salon, drink sparkling wine, get your hair did, your nails and waxing done, then eat chocolate and pastries for three hours. How do we have this insider knowledge, you ask? Because that is exactly what we did on Sunday.01---Croissants-and-HotCrossbuns11---Product-Grid 02---Hair-Colour-Grid

Around 10am, Alissa, Kiira, Caroline, and the two of us took a field trip to Bearhanded Salon, located in The Willow Hotel. Vaughan, the owner and resident hair yoda, has just opened a new, expanded salon. The space has areas for hair, waxing, and nails, along with a sweet little lounge outside and comfy couch in the waiting area. Most of the furniture was done by our friends at Alchemy Design, who you may remember from our post a few months ago. All of the work was custom, and it looks fantastic.

Vaughan has reigned in some of the best talent in Phnom Penh to work alongside him, including Kim Leang, every woman’s favorite waxer. 13---Kim-Leang05---Tiff-Hair-Grid07---Nail-Polish-and-Sparkling-Wine08---Cait-on-Couch

10---Alissa-GridVaughan is from South Africa, and has been doing hair for 13 years. The experience shows. He has a solid grasp on all types of hair, and it’s really nice to go into a place, sit down in the chair and say “make me Taylor Swift” or “do what you do” and like what happens. Also, don’t get us started on the head massage. It’s worth going for that part alone.14---Final-Hair

Ladies-and-Vaughan2-editThank you, Vaughan, for letting us take over your salon and for inspiring us to name our haircuts. From left to right Alissa: The Sexy Swiftie, Kiira: La Sophia Rubia, Vaughan: This is My Hat, Cait: Bang Bang, Tiff: Uptown Tiff.

Bearhanded Salon
#1, Street 21 (Inside The Willow Hotel)
Phnom Penh
093 700 431 (Vaughan)
012 886 587 (Kim)

All photos by Tiffany Tsang. Please request permission for use.


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