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Photo Credit: Unknown via A Well Traveled Woman

Photo Credit: Unknown via A Well Traveled Woman

Morning! It’s about a thousand degrees in Phnom Penh this morning, and I am NOT going outside until I have to. Woohoo! No pants Wednesday! Happy to have a quiet day today, and catch up on life a little bit. Tiff is busy working on a custom photo book, taking portraits, and brushing up on her photo editing and layout skills. Cait needs to wrap up a few custom designs, and figure out a way to hoard fabrics in a more visually appealing way. (Large plastic bags spilling onto the floor in the guest room is totally off-brand.) We have a LOT of photo shoots this month so check back in for pretty photos of our friends in pretty dresses. For this week, here are some things we are thinking about…

Thinking about Chaing Mai this morning, and wishing I could go rafting again with these guys.

Dinner party with Seth Myers and Jon Snow?  Yes please.

I’m not into this, and kinda hate the lazification of right now. Let’s be humans, please.

What’s it like to be Wes Anderson’s fave graphic designer? Such a great interview.

Instagram has new filters so you can make your life look hazier, pinker and dreamier. Making your visual web of lies easy!

I’ve got a shoot this afternoon and these tips that Cait just shared with me are going to be super helpful!

I made laap a few days ago, and want it every day now. Add more garlic, lemongrass, and a bucket of cilantro to this recipe.

This graphic novel.  Cannot wait to get my hands on it.

Really into the summer galleries on Vogue right now, finally relevant things that we can wear over here!

A Cup of Jo’s editor has the coolest loft in an old pasta factory.  Please AirBnB this!






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