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Photo Credit: Unknown via Jai Martin Creative

Photo Credit: Unknown via Jai Martin Creative

So here I am, sitting in my bed at a Condé Nast Travel approved hotel in Indonesia, planning a morning motorbike trip over to these temples, that volcano, and taking the biggest exhale ever. The last six months in Cambodia have evolved to be so busy and creative!  On the eve of my early Saturday morning flight, I found myself still strapped to my Adobe Creative Suite, closing in on a deadline.  And I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunities that friends have given me.  This also means we’ve been going full throttle (ha – a bike pun was inevitable) with no allay, so it’s time to take C+T to take a whee break near and far.  This Khmer New Year getaway commences a three month long period of marathon travel for me, and Cait will be getting away soon too.  I can’t wait for the both of us to discover new sources of inspiration, breath in some fresh air (because let’s face it, emerging Asian economies also mean a lot of exhaust fumes), get some new flavours in this mouth, and share them with you of course.

I guess you can tell the theme for this post (and perhaps week) will be travel, huh?  It’s the best thing ever.  We both think that you should do it.  Have experiences.  Go near. Or Go far.  Just get out.

So I hope this little video about two brothers and their big trip to Vietnam will serve as a nice kick in the pants.

The road story Vietnam from Georgy Tarasov on Vimeo.


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