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This is the end of our vacation week. Tiff is still off playing in the mountains of Indonesia, and in a shocking turn of events, I never left Phnom Penh. This has been a relatively normal week for me, and with a bunch of projects wrapping up soon, I have a lot to take care of right now. Luckily, I am heading to Kampot with friend this weekend for a little bit of chill out time. So I hope you liked our guest posts, we are very lucky to have such talented and interesting friends that help enable our laziness.  header A lot of what I am doing at this point in my fashion career revolves around pulling together inspiration for new designs. Living in SE Asia gives me a lot to work with, but even with all of the colors and chaos around me, I like seeing something a little bit different. That’s where Pinterest comes in. For someone who is just starting out in design, it’s a great way to organize thoughts, ideas, necklines and prints.

I woke up needing a little inspiration today, so here are some on my favorite pretty things on Pinterest right now.

I am still doing a lot of custom work, and have a few big projects coming up that I can’t wait to spill the beans on. Custom work is great, and it’s fun to make to piece that makes someone really happy. But with that work, I am making things to fit in someone else’s closet, and still need time to create my own aesthetic. Pinterest is an awesome way to throw all kinds of things together and see what I am attracted to, and then pull out the images that I really love. From the looks of it, there is a pretty serious 70’s inspired black and white thing happening right now. I clearly need to get out into color this weekend.



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