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Because it's so darn hot! Photo Credit: Michelle Maguire

Because it’s so darn hot!
Photo Credit: Michelle Maguire

It’s so hot. It was 45 Celsius yesterday, which I’m pretty sure is 1000 Fahrenheit. It’s the worst. No more going outside, no more sunshine, no more spending time with other humans until the sun goes down. It’s a dangerous time of year in Phnom Penh, not because of crime or anything like that, but all the expats can’t deal and everyone complains all day about the weather. You should totally come visit.

Cool and insightful piece on Cambodian music in the 60’s.

You know about Iris Apfel right?  Well if you’ve never heard her name, this little doco will be a great primer.

Mara Hoffman’s new arrivals make me want to go back to the desert.

The days and weeks are getting crazy busy for the two of us (especially pre-departure!).  I got some tips this morning on how to break it down.

Love this mix for morning work.

You might already know some of these ladies who are pushing forward the limits of food (and gender!). But if you don’t, definitely get to know them.

There is going to be a meteor shower on Earth Day! (today)

Young parents in Russia sleeping.  Just incredible photography.

I still want overalls. 

These food photography workshops looks AMAZING.  Hello wishlist.


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