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Photo Credit: Martha Holmes (one of my fave lady photogs) for LIFE Magazine, 1946

Photo Credit: Martha Holmes (one of my fave lady photogs) for LIFE Magazine, 1946

Good morning from Canada!!!! It’s still the evening here. And I’m actually writing this at 638am EST on Sunday morning (mostly because I’ve been up since 4am). It’s a good 0°C and not 1000F (because that just sounds so much more drastic).  And it feels so good to be back.

I’m also feeling mighty itchy to get out.  I was an overactive child and probably still am at 30. After a 15 hour packed flight from Hong Kong (I managed to score an aisle seat!), a very late arrival and my body not at all acclimated to the new time zone yet, I need to get some of that extra energy out (and pass out shortly after).  Whether it’s the jogging around rivers and lakes, the Traveling WOD, or visiting a new Crossfit “box” (I’m really excited to drop into Academy of Lions), I need something to relieve me of that nervous energy, and to deal with how much I plan on eating this trip.  So when I’m home, I’ve got my eye on barre.

Have you heard of barre? I guess you can figure out it has to do with ballet. But the thing is, you don’t need any history with dance (I surely don’t have any).  Barre combines core conditioning, muscle sculpting, cardio and deep conditioning all with the elements that keep dancers lean, long and strong.  That means five minute plank holds mixed with weighted squats and the like. I like going to Barreworks on Queen Street West (at Bathurst) when I’m in Toronto. The sunny studios, perfectly sized classes and great beats offer a nice respite from deadlifts. pull-ups and sore traps. They also have a great new client special with two weeks of unlimited classes for only $40 (CAD).  Here’s a little primer!


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