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Sometimes I feel really great about what I am doing. I love the art and creativity of the things I make and feel good about my talent and work. I am happy that I am finally doing something for myself. Then there is an earthquake in Nepal, or a riot in Baltimore, or refugee issues in Syria, or kidnappings and everything I am doing starts to feel very small.

This isn’t an announcement of my return to public health, but it is important for me to acknowledge things like this on the blog. CAIT+TIFF is not a news blog, and we will never try to cover every catastrophe on the planet, but this blog is about our lives and what is important to us. The earthquake in Nepal is important, and actually something we can help with.

There is a ton of coverage of the quake, and social media is swamped with images reading “Pray for Nepal,” and that’s nice. But you know what else is nice? Sending money to Nepal. Giving to organizations who are logistically sound, have a strong presence in Nepal and know their way around is a way to actually do something. This article outlines how to give responsibly and make sure your money is not lost on good intention without impact. These organizations all have easy ways to give online, but in case clicking on the link and then clicking again on another link is too much work, here are the giving page links:


Care International

Catholic Relief Services

Direct Relief

Global Giving

International Relief Teams

Operation USA

Save the Children

These are just a few of the suggested organizations on the ground already. There are SO many other causes around the world that need help, and it is impossible to do it all. But if you are in a place to contribute, this seems like a good way to go.

If you are feeling inspired to fly to Kathmandu and help out, please read this first, and make sure you can be of use.

There will be another post up later, something a lit bit lighter, talking about pretty stuff.



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