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C / last call, for now

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Good morning and happy Friday! I woke up in Koh Samui this morning, and I’m not bummed out about it. Hence the tropical sunrise photo that doesn’t really go with what I am talking about.

Today’s topic is: Last call for custom work. I have had a BLAST the past 6 months, working on custom pieces and making pretty stuff. But because I am leaving for London soon, I can’t take any more orders after this week. The turn around time is a few weeks and I already have enough creative tension between myself and the tailor, I don’t need to stress her out with an unreasonable timeline.

So, if you are interested in having something made, please let me know ASAP. If we have already talked about it, don’t worry, I have planned time for you. If I can’t take your order this time, I will be back in Cambodia in September, hopefully with a few more skills and the ability to draw pants. (Drawing pants is hard.)

Ok, I am going to go find a drink with an umbrella in it. Yeah, I know its 9:30am, mind your own business.



One thought on “C / last call, for now

  1. Don’t leave, cait! We are all wishing you the best in London.

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