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Photo Credit: Style Bubble

Photo Credit: Style Bubble

One of my favourite things about being back in Toronto is the amount of personal style its citizens all have.  Jumping into my pal Mojan’s closet is one of my favourite things to do on my annual visits home, especially when getting ready for another friend’s wedding.  Sure there’s a lot of business casual wear among the worker bees humming up and down Bay Street. But if you just sit down in those concrete jungles and look, you’ll see a lot of subversive colours and patterns popping out.  And if you venture out into the city’s westerly neighbourhoods like Dundas West and Little Portugal, you’ll see an explosion of individuals silently screaming out.

Speaking of closets, check out this little video featuring Susie Bubble. If you’ve spent any time scoping out any fashion week coverage, Susie’s the chick with the blunt cut fringe and the crazy outfit that so strongly walks the bleeding edges of hyper modern and classic cute that its become her signature. She’s lurking around runways with a mamma sized camera hanging around her neck or in front of her face.  This stylish lady with the awesome accent also runs Style Bubble, one of the net’s first style blogs that helped lay the ground work for everything you see today (and one of the best sources for sample sale info in London!).  A couple of years ago, the guys behind The Avant Garde Diaries went behind the scenes with Susie Bubble and her Icelandic photog pal Saga Sig to talk about what shaped their personal style. I just love it when we can get under the skin of these explosive minds.

Susie Bubble & Saga Sig – Mystical Playground from The Avant/Garde Diaries on Vimeo.


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