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Art Credit: Rhona Garvin

Art Credit: Rhona Garvin

Good morning. It’s a little sleepy here in Phnom Penh this morning, due to an uncharacteristically late Tuesday night. Last night was the Laura Mam and Demi Lovato concert, and Cait worked behind the scenes with Laura. The concert was amazing, both ladies killed it and I have never seen a more excited crowd. Tiff is still eating Toronto and remembering what bitter cold feels like. Her poor little feet are not used to walking on actual sidewalks and closed-toe shoes. There is a lot going on this week, in our worlds and others, and I could use a little more coffee before fittings start today. Tiff, please teleport fancy Tdot coffee to Phnom Penh. Thanks.

All the dresses from the Met Gala. Some questionable, some incredible.

I am drooling over this workshop in Tulum with some of the biggest ladies in the biz.  Eyes on this prize for next year!

The Reed has launched! And they are doing very cool travel guides.

Cup of Jo totally gets it with post-30 lady bonding.

Rachel Zoe has been amazing for a long time, and the move to put a nursery in her office is on a long list of cool moves.

I am loving all the layers I get to wear in Canada, but can’t wait to get back to the tropics in this.

Demi Lovato came to Cambodia last night, and was a huge hit.

Marfa dream vacation!

This is so sad. I loved this performance and she was so sweetly hilarious.

I secretly heart Lilly Pulitzer, its totally aspirational, there’s a lot of haters and here is why.


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