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C / tiff’s yellow kimono

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So one of the best things about working with Tiff is that she lets me design kind of anything for her. I have so much fun with this, and she makes it easy. She has awesome skin and can pull of any color, whereas if I even think of the color orange, I go all Smeagol and children cry.

So when she told me she needed a dress to go to a wedding in Toronto, I was excited to try something new on her. I love the shape of traditional kimonos, but they don’t exactly lend themselves to breaking it down on the dance floor during “Shake it Off.” (I still really like that song. Oh. You guys are over it? Yeah, I’m not. Anyway.) I wanted to do an updated version of the kimono, with less layers, a lower neckline and in super bright colors. I wanted it to be casual without looking like a bathrobe. This is what happened.


I love it on her, I think she looks gorgeous. And even though it does look a little bit like a fancy bathrobe (dang), she really did a great job classing it up and making it wedding ready.

tiff-weddingOne of the things about this whole process is learning what works and what doesn’t. It’s also been a lesson in figuring out which vendors are selling real Khmer silk, and which ones are lying sonsabitches. The silk I bought for Tiff’s dress was not the quality it was touted to be. It was a cheap version of the good stuff, and after a few plane rides and packing, it was nearly impossible to get the wrinkles out. This angered me more than Tiff, but she is also nicer than I am.

So thank you, Tiff, for letting me make you a crazy yellow kimono. Now you can wear it to the beach!



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