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Morning. It’s a week of getting stuff done. Tiff is back from her Toronto trip and recovering from the kind of cold one gets from bouncing between 5°C and 45°C; and Cait and getting ready to take off for Europe next week. Life is full of to-do lists, and lunches and overly ambitious plans to get everything done while still getting eight hours of sleep and not eating 1000 cookies. Seems totally reasonable.

Hope you all are having a great week.

Solid advice from one of my boyfriends.

Fake monks are hitting Phnom Penh.  A little funky in the stinky way, aren’t they?

I feel you, Anna Kendrick.

This is making me feel better about starting a completely new career at 30.

The curator of the house of my dreams, Amber Interiors, has just launched a new Shoppe. (I’m not spelling it the British way*, for the record, it’s called that.)

Have waffle iron, will waffle anything.

Hobby Lobby remains the worst, forever.

I just love it anytime a pro dancer takes it to the streets.

NYT says Frida Kahlo is having a moment. I say she invented “the moment.”

Have obi belt, will tie it.

*But Cait will be spelling everything the British way after London has its way with her 🙂 


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