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T / happy birthday cait!!!!

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Today is Cait’s birthday, and what can I say? So much. I could tell you how awesome she is as a friend, a business partner and just as a human being existing on this earth.  I could tell you about how generous she is. To a fault. How loyal she is. Don’t even get me started.  And the happy? Damn.  The conversations are amazing when her southern drawl gets lured out.  And most of all (which I’ve recently learned), I know that she’s one of the very small group of people I want to spend time with when it’s 45°C (which it is now, have you heard?).  No seriously. Give this girl a medal for withstanding hangry, hot and impatient Tiff.

Cait is so many incredible things.  But most of all, I’m so excited to see the force in fashion design she is becoming and I’m so thrilled to have been able to have worked with her while she develops into what she is meant to be. Her story is so incredibly rich and the things she will make along the way equally so.  She is heading to London in just about six weeks to make this journey even deeper!  I’ve had the luck of being able to take photos of the beautiful things she dreams up of in her brain, which I’ve recently decided must be a combination of a strawberry sort cake filled with Care Bears and a number of female Pulitzer prize for writing winners.  Because her words are en fleek, as the young ones are currently saying.

So basically, watch this space and a new space to be coming. Because with each year that passes, Cait’s going to be producing some pretty things upon pretty things and I know I’m (and many of you are) going to want to wear all of it.

Happy happy birthday blogger buddy, best friend, bubbly, bootylicious, because everything Cait.  We are all raising a glass to you today!

PS – I couldn’t help myself.  A birthday GIF had to be made.


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