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Photo Credit: Jean Dieuzaide

Photo Credit: Jean Dieuzaide

Cait is drafting this post at 2:45am, body time, sooooo it might get weird. 

Hello from Doha! The good news is, I wiggled my way into lounge access so I have all the tea and delicious middle eastern desserts I can handle. Challenge accepted. (Was there a challenge?) This is one of the prettiest airports I have ever been to and also the quietest. There are tons of people, but no one is talking. I think everyone can hear me eating these pistachio things.

Flying here was amazing. I had the window seat as the sun set and woke up a few hours later to the most incredible sky I have ever seen. There were so many stars, I couldn’t figure out where the lights on the ground stopped and the lights in the sky started. Also good news in no particular format, Qatar Airways is great and they gave me so much chocolate.

NOTE: if you want me to like you, I am easily bought with good chocolate.

Alright, this is getting out of hand. I will leave the rest to Tiff to make this presentable for the internet and all the pretty things.

Awww yess. Bring me all the weird.

Speaking of weird, I’m so happy that Miley Cyrus is finally owning her own brand of weirdness.

There are a lot of opinions on Taylor Swift’s new video. My takeaway is that I need more pleather things.

I needed some new podcasts and would like to thank Grace Bonney for sharing all of her faves.

I want that Nantucket belt, and I deserve it because my parents honeymooned there. I deserve it.

This five-man band from South Africa making some crazy guzu is making the month long separation from Cait a little easier.

Great write up by Restaurant Girl on Ramen Lab’s business incubator. Noodles Without Borders?

These are the peeps who put Cait on a cupcake this week!  I’m still so happy about how they turned out.  And did I mention they do social good too?

A blog about Paris that I am digging through. I like it. Oui.

DesignLoveFest has gone to all the right places in the destinations we’re landing in.  Her guides to London and Paris are beyond fleek.


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