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Bonjour! Try not to be overwhelmed by my incredible grasp of the French language.

I have been here for three days and have taken more pictures that I can manage. Everything is beautiful, and I am in love with the casual grace I see in the people, the food and life. Sure there is some stuff that is touristy, but the Eiffel Tower deserves it. Have you seen that thing? It’s incredible. I know, “breaking news, Cait”, but I think its wonderful that people come from all over the world to see it. The cliches work in Paris, and I am not going to tell you that I am wearing my best blue and white striped sweater in effort to blend in, because you already know I am. I don’t understand why I don’t live here yet.

My mom and I have been walking around the city, eating basically everything, and plotting how we can get here again. Off to play in the Tuilleries this afternoon, and hopefully get some shopping done. The photos below are in no particular order, and there are tons more up on our Instagram if you need a little more Paris in your life. I do.




All photos by Caitlin Decker. Please request permission for use.


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