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C / to rainy days

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There are a number of lovely things about Phnom Penh, none of which I seem to remember during hot season. I am thankful for my current change of scenery and now that I am traveling in colder places, I am reminded of how much I love rainy days.

Maybe it was growing up in Tucson, where rainy days were scarce, but rain has always been calming and cozy to me. I moved to Oregon from Arizona for college and never tired of the rain. That being said, I got pneumonia twice, because it took me a few years to learn that flip flops do NOT actually work for all occasions. I love the sound of rain, the slowness of mornings, and making up excuses for drinking four cups of coffee.

Rainy days feel romantic to me. I always think better when it’s cold outside, and being up in the mountains in Austria right now makes me want to write love letters. I will not be posting love letters on the blog; thats gross. But I will share this lovely quote from T.B. LaBerge, because I think it’s nice.

Like rain, I miss you in downpours that seem to wash away anything else I feel. But like rain, I never want to stop missing you, because I am reminded how dear you are to my heart every time it whispers your name. Because we all know that after the rain falls and the sun comes out, the world is alive, and so it goes when I am returned with you once more.

 – T.B. LaBerge // I like you and I miss you 

Photo by Alex Schubert via A Well Traveled Woman




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