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Photo Credit: Kristen Martincic via Miss Moss

Photo Credit: Kristen Martincic via Miss Moss

Guten morgen and stuff! That’s basically all the German I know, along with what I learned from the musical number in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Austria is SO pretty. The Sound of Music did NOT lie. I have been busy stuffing my face full of schnitzel and bratwurst and other things I like pronouncing with a Schwarzenegger accent, while trying to balance my meat intake with walking everywhere. Walking on sidewalks is so much fun. Tiff is gearing up for her trip and leaves in a couple of very short days. Soon, this blog will be all European, which I think means we have to pay taxes, but we get great healthcare. Anyway, we are both buzzing in the fun energy of change right now and excited about a lot. In the next few weeks, you will see a bunch of travel posts, maybe a preview of another Tiff-made website or two, and a helluva lot of food photos. Also anticipate a “holy balls I am moving to London” post. Anyway, here are the things we think are great this week.

Cait’s in Salzburg and naturally, I sent her a baker’s guide to the city.

Have you seen Pumping Iron? I am in Austria and all I can think about is this. Watch it, it’s pretty fantastic.

I called London home…four years ago.  Time for me to get my haunts in the city updated. Thank you Cereal City Guide.

This just happened in Vienna, and I wish I had planned to come earlier!

Gosh I love it when I discover a gorgeous blog from the great north.

I went here last week with my mom, and ordered the same dish I had 5 years ago under totally different circumstances. Get the pigeon.

I’m so digging the rise of the lady warrior this month.

Speaking of lady warriors, this old Vogue photo stays with me.

After three weeks of the sicky thump, I am back to the grind and this is my jam.

Come to Austria, eat Mozart Balls. 


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