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Photo Credit: Jamal Shabazz

Photo Credit: Jamal Shabazz

In 1993-94, I was nine years old and I already knew two things: I loved music and clothes, and I knew the effect they had on each other.  Some days, I was really into Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged in New York album (Come as You Are was on repeat on my tape deck) and Pearl Jam’s Even Flow.  I specifically remember wearing this flannel shirt with baggy jeans on those days.  On the other hand, 20 Fingers’ Short Dick Man (which I had no idea the meaning of) was also blaring on my radio and I distinctly remember rocking a pair of baggy red pants with black scribbles all over them and a hoodie to match it all.

I’m in London now (more on that this Thursday!), and while everyone is looking quite polished (and my look is more akin to the dishevelled traveler), I am loving the way that individuals wear their music on their sleeve here.  Everyone on the tube is plugged in and you can sense the beats even if you can’t hear them.  I love it.  I love intersections and so much more when things collide and get more fresh.  Fresh Dressed is a new little doco that gets exactly into that. From the denizens of hip hop New York to the bastions of fashion (read André Leon Talley), these stories cover exactly how things got mashed up and how hip hop and fashion sit now (pretty much on top of each other and completely mish mashed).


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