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The driving force behind my trip to Europe for me was to attend my sister’s wedding in Montreux, Switzerland. The wedding was on Saturday, and there have been few moments where I can remember that much love in one room. I know that people say nice things about weddings, because that is what you do when you celebrate, but there are no pleasantries here.

I didn’t grow up with a sister, so I never really knew what that felt like. I was constantly jealous of other girls with sisters, because I wanted that automatic bond and connection that it seemed like sisters had. Brothers are awesome and I love the one I have ( HI COLIN!), but they are not great at helping you get ready for prom and have no idea how to help you fix your bangs that you just cut too short, again.

Pauline, the pretty one in the red shirt, and I are not related by blood, but we are in basically every other way. We met about 10 years ago, and have spent time in 5 different countries together. I have crashed her cool apartments in more than a few cities. We come from totally different places and it’s never mattered less. Pauline brings sunshine with her wherever she goes, is welcoming, kind and never fake. This list could get a lot longer. During the wedding on Saturday, I got to meet some of her other sisters. I knew a few of them already, but when someone like Pauline comes into the frame, people want in, and there are a lot of us. It was a room full of “I have heard so much about you”-s and “It’s so nice to meet you, FINALLY.” There was dancing and eating and drinking and more dancing. Hugs upon happy tears and enough beautiful speeches to make my face rain for days. 

We talked about “finding your people” this weekend, and how important that is. Finding more ladies to love, from all over the world is a gift. A room full of sisters is a lovely place to be.

Xx, Cait


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