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Photo Credit: Mark Wickens

Tiff is on a marathon (see above photo) across Europe. An eating marathon that is. Cait just touched down in the US for the second leg of her “Developed Country” tour. Heading out to do errands this morning; get a US phone number, go to the bank, hit the outlet mall, maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don’t know, I don’t know if we’ll have enough time. Both of us are in full social swing and have been hugging people we don’t usually get to hug. At this point in life, its pretty clear that friends and family are TOTALLY worth flying across the world for. Can’t wait for more of it this week!

On that note, our friend Whitney, over at Billet Rouge, said this yesterday, and it rules. “One cool part of being a woman is our ability to meet someone, like twice, and know you’d straight up punch a bear for her.”

I’m in Copenhagen!!!!

I’m in Northern Virginia!

Oh man, I am so excited for this movie.

I get pretty bored, pretty fast, hearing about diets and workout plans. However, I am enjoying following the #dlfgetfit Instagram and posts by Bri Emery. Its an honest, and not too-serious look at what it’s like to change habits and lifestyles.

We just got an AppleTV before heading off to Europe and were loving all of these on the big screen. (via Miss Moss)

There was a wall-sized photo taken by an iPhone 6 camera in the Geneva Airport. It might be as good as they say.

My favourite Kenyan instagrammer has a blog. Boom. Get me to Nairobi.

This is lovely. Joanna Goddard is wonderful with her words, and after last year’s hard hits, it’s nice to read.

Riding the tube gives me time to actually finish books. This new page turner made me want to stay put on the train.


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