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Hello from Spain and the US! One of us is cruising around Spain, island hopping and cruising for tapas. The other one is in the US, trying to stop eating so many damn french fries and food with “buffalo” in the name- without being actual buffalo. Thank goodness for yuppie juice bars. Living out of a suit case is getting old right now, and we love our time away, but anxious to get back and get moving. The one of us that has been inhaling junk food for the past week has realized that it might be emotional eating, and that she is nervous about all the things she needs to do before she moves in two weeks. So today, our humpjump is a little random, full of things one of us is using to distract herself from actual work.

My new roommate in London wrote this. We are going to get along well.

SO excited for this movie to come out.

I sort of love these lists. Great little spot for inspiration.

Pajamas all the time.

I bought pants like these and I am wearing them non-stop.

This is basically us in ten years. Maybe five.

Fun shapes, if slightly impractical.

Salzburg was awesome and I want to go back.

After being a junk food monster for the last week, I am craving all these things. 

Been raiding Salt and Sundry while being in DC. Not sorry. Love this place.


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