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C / Melissa McCarthy for president

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I love Melissa McCarthy. She won my heart in Bridesmaids, made me snort-laugh in The Heat, and sealed the deal with Tammy, when she straight up made me SOB during that scene with Susan Sarandon on the lawn chair. She is well spoken, hilarious, and fantastic in pretty much all ways that matter to me. In case that wasn’t enough, she is now starting a clothing line, for women of all sizes. There is not much information about it yet, but it will include plus-size clothing and is bound for awesomeness.

She nails it on the red carpet, pretty much every time, and has given a very strong, very appropriate, middle finger to critics and designers that refused to work with her because of her size. There are some stupid people out there. As evidence here and here, she knows what she is doing and I can’t wait.

I’m thrilled this is happening. When I think about what I want to do with fashion, I think about making clothes for all bodies. In the work I have done so far, I have worked with ladies from petite to boobalicious. Making clothes that make everyone feel awesome is important to me, so basically this post is an ask for Melissa McCarthy to hire me.

When I find out more about the line, I will be sure to share. Probably over-share, because I get excited.

In other news, her new movie, Spy, is killing, because of course it is. Suck it, Entourage.



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