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Photo Credit: Daria Zarówna

Photo Credit: Daria Zarówna

Man, it’s been a hell of a few weeks. Tiff and Cait have been all over the planet and are both finally back in Phnom Penh, in varying levels of sanity and jet lag. We met yesterday for a catch up lunch and it went sort of like this:

“Hi! I missed you! How are you? Tell me everything! Oh presents.” “Hey! I missed you too! I need carbs.” “Hooray! Where the hell are those noodles?” “I ‘m tired. Everything was great, I love people and friends and daylight raves. Danish people are pretty.” “I get why people want to be rich, so they can live on a lake in Switzerland. Seriously, though, those noodles??!?” “I love Europe, coffee is a million dollars.” “I’m tired. What did you say? Yeah, we should get coffee. Ooooh noodles.”

Every day is a little bit better, but the jet lag monster…it is a bitch. So today we are focusing on recovery. Things that make us feel good when we are working at 50% 30%, help us though the hazy days, and get us back on track and feeling more like ourselves.

When I am tired, I am prone to dips in confidence. This article gave me a little kick in the pants.

Re-entry into the tropics means I need to stay hydrated! And monsoon rains don’t quite count. I love this easy sweet little number.

Tiff gave me the paper copy of Time Out London and it is a wonderful distraction.

These guidance counselor words from other creatives make the anxiety of being back in the building of a biz better. Thanks Shoko!

Miso soup for breakfast is an easy comfort food, and I throw in a ton of veggies to trick myself into being healthy.

Refreshed, inspired, and totally ready for a home office makeover.

Doing a little yoga in the morning (10 min) gets my brain and body feeling better.

After two weeks of salty meats and a lot of bread, I’m back on the clean eating street…even though it’s no longer a politically correct term.

Wetsuits are the closest thing we have to super hero costumes, and I could use a little super hero today.

This song is getting me going every morning. Giorgio just knows those beats so well.




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