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Monday mornings, or really any morning in Phnom Penh usually brings some sort of surprise.  This morning, mine started at roughly 5am with monks chanting funereal prayers about a block away.  Except it sounded like they were right under my window.  After the immediate thoughts of “maybe we should move to a high-rise,” and “this can’t be legal,” (actually, it is) aquiesced into relief, “at least I don’t live next to a mosque,” I was able to eke out another hour of sleep.

And that was just at 5am.  Don’t get me started on things I almost ran over on the way to the gym at 630am.

Monks chanting and rats be damned, I know most of you had a much smoother Monday morning.  When uninterrupted, it’s my favourite time of the day. We’re at our most vulnerable then.  And our most honest.  There’s nothing much to hide when you’re rising from slumber.  I love that everyone’s morning is a little bit (or a lot different). So I thought I’d share one from Down Under this morning.  The Design Files’ Melbourne Mornings series is a wonderful dive into the lives of a variety of creatives living in Australia’s hippest city.  Here, artist Kirra Jamison starts hers just before dawn at 6am and gets to climb down a ladder.

Have a great morning everyone!

Design Files ‘Melbourne Mornings: Kirra Jamison’ Feat. Banoffee’s ‘Ninja’ from gaga on Vimeo.


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