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I’m leaving for London tomorrow. Doing my best to keep it together, but I feel a pretty strong airplane-sob coming on. I love terrifying strangers at 30,000 feet, so this should be good. Today was nuts, as expected, and I’m keeping myself distracted by figuring out which toiletries I need. (The answer is zero toiletries, by the way, I am moving to London, not Timbuktu.*) I almost forgot to post because my head is on a spin cycle right now. Sorry for being Tardy to the Party. (Don’t click on that.)

What I didn’t really expect is to be sad, and I am, a little. This is only three months, and its good for me, and I am learning and London is amazing and blah blah blah. I wish London was where Bangkok is, then I could pop over for the weekend and not miss any birthdays. I am assuming that my friends here will cease fun of all kinds and will not take any amazing trips or even giggle while I am gone. They will just sit around, staring at a calendar, slowing counting down the days until I get back.

I wish I could be more eloquent right now, but change isn’t really eloquent. There are always mixed feelings and it’s a little bit messier that I think its going to be. London WILL be great, and I will love it, but I am certainly leaving a chunk of my heart here in Phnom Penh.

So bye for now, you weird, stinky little city. I love you, and I will be back.


*No disrespect toTimbuktu.

Photo via A Well Traveled Woman


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