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Photo Credit: Airbnb

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Oh man.  Words can’t describe how envious I am that Cait’s in my old stomping grounds. Likely #2 of my favourite cities in the world (well so far at least).  And how much I wish I could be traipsing around those old streets and new digs with her.  I know, we both keep saying that we’ve got the interwebs, but there’s nothing like the real thing.

Then a song and a video go and rub all those feelings in.  Jamie xx, who is a fucking genius (and I use that expletive to describe just how good he is), captures two favourite things perfectly: London, and skateboarding…which I had a love for during my whee years.  This song has been on repeat all weekend and paired with the video, it evokes just everything I love about that place.  It’s exactly what would be plugged into my ears, probably at twilight, whilst heading to the next stop on a busy city day. It’s funny how music can evoke such feelings.

And not just one song, I thought I’d share a playlist of some of my favourite new tunes.  Just a few ditties that have been making me happy this month.  For your summer sunset, for your twilight commute in London (but maybe not Phnom Penh because that would be ill-advised), your city stroll towards a sultry date. Enjoy and happy Monday!


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