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I couldn’t think of a better video to start of the week and get me feeling better of the blood I come from.  Just yesterday, I happened to be sharing dim sum with the fabulous Lin.  She’s one of the very small number of friends I have who are also of Chinese origins; and over the course of our small bites, conversation moved to the unfortunate overshadowing of Chinese culture by the current trends and decisions for the sake of capitalism and imperialism that the Middle Kingdom has been making.  Yeah, China’s a nation state of politics, power and money. But it’s also a culture with a whole bunch of different languages and ethnicities, with another billion that have gone outside and formed city states, blending themselves with neighbouring cultures and spreading themselves across the world like McDonalds.  So by nature of squinty eyes and black hair, I’m still Chinese.  And I watched Kung Fu: The Legend Continues religiously as a kid.

So when this little video fell into my lap (thanks Nid!), I had to share it. Set against the always empowering beats of M.I.A., these pint size warriors have been training in the fabled temples of Shaolin since they took their first steps. And the choreography and cinematography are spot on.

The art of Shaolin kung fu spans 1500 years and I’m so proud of the fact that my ancestry involves training five year olds who could probably take down Hulk Hogan.


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