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Photo Credit: Cao Fei

Photo Credit: Cao Fei

It’s artsy-fartsy Wednesday, which is convenient, because both of us are in art school this week. Cait is in a deep dive through London fashion history this week, scouring museums, getting lost sometimes, and got to touch Alexander McQueen’s (unfinished) homework. She is happy. Meanwhile, Tiff is working on an ampersand.  No seriously.  She’s actually working on making a hip little ampersand for our resident mixologist John while also buried in taking photos of beautiful cocktails, gorgeous yogis, the coolest apartments (oh sorry, flats) and of course, trying to catch up on all that school she signed up for.

We watched this quick video on Influencers in class on Tuesday. A cool inside how trends change and people make choices.

I’m knee deep in typography these days and I’m digging this gorgeous French video on the origins of that typeface that everyone from us to Wes Anderson are using.

Went to this exhibit at the Victoria and Albert museum, ow my feet.

Got to hang out with the lady behind these gorgeous tiny pretty things last week and our chats about design and art were simply priceless. She even wanted to quiz me on modernism!

Lovely lifestyle blog from a classmate in London. Brazilian-born and London cool. Some people have all the luck.

These folks not only create beautiful art, but have fashioned a gorgeous abode for themselves too.

Heading to this concept store on Thursday. Now to figure out what a concept store is.

When I first discovered this site on colour, their most recent post focused on Tiffany Blue.  Do I need to go on?

Please go Google Bill Gibb. Or just click on the blue text that says BILL GIBB. The guy started hippie fashion and I had never heard his name before Tuesday.

24 modern female artists that you should know about.


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