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Photo Credit: Risteski Goce

When Cait told me about North + Nomad, a production company based in NYC, I was curious.  In learning that their tagline was “A Digital Nomadic Production Company,” I was definitely finding myself drawn in.  And then I saw this little video, and mind blown, wow.  You would think the juxtaposition of scenes of a fashion shoots, Asian country sides, religious leaders and urban and industrial sprawl as a cacophony, but it is the exact opposite.  This medley of director Simon Biswas’s work, produced by the esteemed producer and fellow founder of North + Nomad Karen Nagy, is an orchestra of what is possible. And it’s completely inspirational to see how a single creative (or pair of) can transcend across Olsen twins and spiritual cinematography.  It also helps to reverberate our own mantra at C+T: ‘not one thing.’

North + Nomad Reel 2015 from Love Thug on Vimeo.

So on this slightly overcast day, involving a burdensome humidity and popped bicycle tires, this opus is feeding me today.  And maybe it will do the same for you.


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