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Photo Credit: West Elm

Photo Credit: West Elm

Well, the London weather everyone kept talking about has finally hit London. It’s been soggy all week and Cait seems to be the only one excited about it. Boots and jeans and sweaters and leggings all the time. Wooohooo! Ask again how she feels about it in a month. Tiff has been cruising around PP, getting down and dirty with colo(u)r theory, and spending time with one of the coolest groups of women in the world, making Cait pulse with FOMO. She is still dealing with the jungle temperatures of the Penh, and hopefully finding cool floors to unwind on. So basically, we are all over the place this week. Enjoy our mess.

It’s still freaking hot in Phnom Penh, so I’m checking out these tips.

It’s raining in London, so I am digging my heels into brunch plans. Because cozy brunch is the best brunch.

I was a skater girl, and would like to continue being one with a little more style.

Jimmy Fallon had quite the adventure last week. I can’t help it, I just want to make him dinner.

I am obsessed with my new waffle iron and am must make this happen.

This is an amazing resource to learn more about new designers in London. Be ready to lose two hours in there.

Loved this post on ethical shopping from a pro stylist.

Our friend, Emily, introduced us. She also introduced us to this, so she wins everything. Wait for Kermit.

I’m all about colours these days…so this of course.  Thanks Shoko for sharing!

It’s taking all of my strength to not buy these.


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