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Good morning! Well, it’s morning in London,so good afternoon to the rest of you, and IT’S TIME TO GET UP to those of you in The States. Tiff is a stressball this week trying to finish deadlines and gearing up for some wicked travels to somewhere completely new to her. Cait is still cruising around London, sometimes getting lost, and sometimes not really caring. Getting lost is fun, unless you have to pee, then it’s terrible and you have spend $20 on a drink to use the bathroom. Here’s to adventures!

I love it when adventurous women get together on the web and make something brilliant.

I also love it when Amy Schumer talks.

This revelation about Cambodian coffee is blowing my mind.

Fashion shows from Central Saint Martins students that you can watch! I have been here three weeks, so this is basically me.

Thanks to Molly, I must have this in my belly, stat.

Got to pop in here last weekend in Paris, and spent a teeny tiny bit of money.

I’m a big fan of all of these morning happy tips. They work. Trust.

This might be the best idea ever.

I’m moving cities this month, but I’m still probably going to be working from ‘home’ a lot.  I’m digging all this advice.

This made me giggle, and a little sad at the same time. Because its a joke, but it’s also true.




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