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C / Irish field trip

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I love field trips, especially ones where I get see old friends. I spent last weekend in Paris with my best friend, Lenore. More on that next week. Tonight, I head out to Dublin. A friend I met in a hostel in Peru 8 years ago is getting hitched, and it’s going to be  party. I am wrapping things up as fast as I can before I head to school, and I am spending too much time looking at the links below. 

I would love to take this road trip on Ireland’s Route 66. 

Even though this video has the Food Network touch, looking at the food is awesome. Bobby Flay, mute button.

Listening to Anthony Bourdain talk about pubs in Dublin makes me feel better about everything.

Just went down this rabbit hole, looking at new fashion designers in Dublin. I might lose money this trip.

Side note, proofreading is important. I just re-read this in the afternoon and wow, no more writing before coffee for me. 

Have a great weekend.


Photo via CN Taveler.



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