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Photo Credit: Tomas Munita

Photo Credit: Tomas Munita

My first weekend has been a whirlwind, and I find myself still trying to make sense of the place I will be calling home over the next four weeks.  My senses have been stimulated beyond reckoning.  It has been raining non stop.  And that’s just the tip of what this city has to offer.  On one hand, I got to partake in gluttonous pleasures from the high and the low.  On the other hand, I got to see design and democracy come together in a space that cultivates that kind of disruption. This place is like no other.  I am unendingly appreciative of the small group of friends, those of whom who pass through on regular intervals and others that currently call this symphonic chaos home.  And incredibly thankful for this not-so-little studio apartment that will serve as respite from work and the exhaustion that comes from trying to see and eat as much as possible over the next 23-ish days.

I’m elated that I finally made it over here.  And I found myself searching hard to find a video to do it justice.  I hope this little collection of moving pictures from the dudes at Spoon Film using tilt-shift photography does it just fine.  Happy Monday!

Bonsai Burma from Joerg Daiber on Vimeo.



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