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C / London cheese crawl

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One of my favorite things to do is travel insane distances for a specific dish. It has taken me to tiny food carts outside of Chaing Mai to find Andy Ricter’s favorite Khao Soi, to the belly of Bangkok for the best duck noodle soup, and even to Queens one time. It was crazy.

So this week, I am on a mission for cheese in London. This country is basically a giant farm, dotted with cities, so that people can have beers and watch movies. The cows here are easily twice the size of cows in Cambodia, because they are healthy, well taken care of, and not eating trash by the side of the road. The Perennial Plate did a short video about Neal’s Yard Dairy, a London cheese shop that makes beautiful delicious cheese. It is now on the list, and since I am actually in London this weekend, there will be a field trip. Maybe two. I will report back.


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