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Photo Credit: Alex de Mora

Photo Credit: Alex de Mora

If you think London is wet and rainy, try Yangon.  Tiff is discovering exactly what monsoon season is, which means she also brought the entirely wrong wardrobe. Menorcan Leather sandals don’t quite hold up in the rain. London has been showing off it’s London side, and it’s been cold and rainy all week. The boots and sweaters are in full effect, and Cait is loving it, quietly. It’s a random bunch of links this week, as we are both scrambling around our temporary homes.

I’m totally all about the weird, and so is this travel site.

Heading here this morning to fuel up for the day.

Hands, hands, hands!

Went here last night, and showed of my chicken feet eating skills.

The fingers and lens behind Tiny Atlas!

I have seen 3 boys under 15 wearing this in London, and I’m like “why are you so cool? You are too young to be so cool. Give me your sweatshirt!” But then I’m like,”thats not cool, Cait.”

The Japanese Korean grocery stores are the places to get your goods in Yangon.  So of course I’m making chap chae.

I love this column by Joanna Goddard, she profiles real women and how they beautify, and the photos are just so pretty.

Also in my kitchen.

I went here last week, walked around, giggled, then used the facilities and left. It was cool, but damn silly expensive. Then I ate a falafel.




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