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Photo Credit: Steve Unsworth

Photo Credit: Steve Unsworth

I am a music fiend. But sometimes life gets in the way and it just doesn’t happen for a while.  Then it throws you over to Myanmar. And you happen to have what might possibly be the country’s fastest Internet connection. So you dive right back into it and you learn of a genre that’s actually called yacht-pop.  But most importantly, everything your ears discover makes you just wanna go “FUCK YEAH. It’s SUMMER” (even though it’s pretty much summer year round in these parts).

So building on those warm feelings on yet another drizzly evening in Yangon, I just had to knock this one out for all of you.  Every single one of these songs says summer all over it.  Whether it’s a yearning summer from newbie Meg Myers or you just want to get your disco on (thank you Robyn). There’s a bit of sweltering city love (with a burning one from Disclosure and a special guest).  Major Lazer offers some island groove.  I dig it. I hope you do too.


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