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Good morning! We are both out of our normal spaces right now, which is a great thing. It’s good to shake your head around a little bit. It’s a little chilly this morning in Cait’s neighborhood, and London is being all Londony. She also bought a wool sweater yesterday and ordered tea at 5pm, and is now worried she might be British. Tiff can’t wait to burst out of office life and take on Yangon, but chances are, it will rain on her. It has been feeling like the summer of big change, and after a few conversations last week, it definitely will be. More on that when we figure it out, but for now, we dove into the internet to find cool things for you. Voilà.

Vice just launched a lady channel!  Well, they put it better than that. But lady stories, feminism and everything we love. Yes please.

I am still working on the amazing London list Tiff sent me, but I really need to get it together and go here.

Minneapolis’ Aquatennial looks so gosh darn cool.

I am going to Amsterdam in a few weeks and am dreaming of staying here

I would love to take my job abroad, live in a Volkswagen camper van with my man and see all of the new world.

I can’t wait until this comes out, even the trailer made me cry. Meryl Streep has to be the coolest person on the planet.

When I get back home (and my kitchen and my little toaster oven), I’m jumping all over this cake.

This photo shoot in Harlem makes me miss NYC.

Greta Gerwig, hits it right on the nail. As usual.

I need to buy all of these clothes right now and go to Cornwall and drink tea.


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