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I’m going to be honest, I am writing this while sitting at my desk in my underwear, drinking coffee and watching the final episode of The Daily Show, crying my face off. I lead a very glamorous life. But that is not what I am talking about here today, even though it’s all I want to talk about.

Ahem. So, cool blog stuff. In class yesterday, we put together a mock up blog, focusing on Fall trends. It was fun to go through all the different collections coming up on, but the best part for me was when everyone in class shared their favorite blogs. We have people from all over the world in this class, so it was great to see what people are into. I scribbled them down, and they are worth a look. I knew a few of them already, but I love new blood. I feel like I am sucking youth and life from all the young people in the room, like Bette Middler in Hocus Pocus. It’s really inspiring and I now totally get where she was coming from.

The Blonde Salad

The Dandy Project

Man Repeller

Garance Dore

Freunde von Freunden

Kate Loves me

Tommy Ton

MDV Style

Look de Pernille

The Wall

Shine by Three

Cabin Porn

every painter paints himself

High Snobiety

Fashion Toast

Also, because the people I stole this content from probably don’t know what Hocus Pocus is, or why Bette Middler is a demi-god,¬†here you go, youth. Learn something important.

Ok I am so sad about Jon Stewart that I need to watch all of Hocus Pocus now.



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