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C / field trip / whitstable

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One of the great things about London is how close it is to places that are not London. It’s amazing spending so much time in this gorgeous, hectic, creative city, but getting out of it is important. Lucky for me, I have friends here that know about places like Whitstable, and also know how to say it correctly.

We took the train about a hour outside London and pulled into Whitstable just in time for lunch. It’s a small, seaside town, full of small shops and pubs, and most importantly, oysters. The oysters from here are small and briny and delicious. You will cause great offense to add anything other than lemon to the oysters (as I found out with an ill-advised shake of Tabasco). I actually have no idea how many I ate, but I know we were eating them for about 4 hours and that’s math I don’t want to do.







Like you don’t have an oyster mascot.



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