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I don’t know why I’m nervous to put this up. I’m pretty proud of it, and considering where I started at the beginning of the course, I have come a long way. I think it’s a little bit intimidating to put work out in the world to be judged. Its so much easier to sit behind a computer and anonymously judge others. You guys probably aren’t really reading this, you are just going to look at the photos, but I am going to write about how I got to the four looks I decided on anyway.

The (abbreviated) process:

We had a week for the assignment, and spent the first two days at the Victoria and Albert and Science museums, drawing and cruising for inspiration. I fell in love with the science museum. It has amazing exhibits on everything from space to modern communication and gross teeny tiny microscopic mites that live in your eyelashes. I pulled a lot of my inspiration from there, specifically from an old clock and Hubble photos of the solar system.

We then got to work, actually turning our sketches into shapes that would work as garments, and that’s when it got really fun for me. I am not sure how many sketches I did during the “development” stage of the process, but I brought them all home and they weigh a lot. (It’s on recycled paper, don’t worry.) Each piece changed significantly from the first drawing to the final product, and I think if i kept going on them, they would change even more.

We had feedback from our two instructors for the week, one who focused on presenting a beautiful drawing with movement and life, the other who demanded you understand how the garment would actually work. They were both great to have around, and made me think a lot about zippers and linings and the practical details of each piece.

Without further ado…le collection.




l3-deetslook-4 look-4deetsTa-da!



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