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Photo Credit: The Hood Internet

Photo Credit: The Hood Internet

I am filled with positive energy these days.  A month in Myanmar, a five day respite in Bangkok and now back home in Phnom Penh. Meeting new and incredible people in places that are just starting to emerge.  But I can’t help but remember that we are living in the best and worst of times.  Old economies continue to be in turmoil. Migrants fleeing conflict continue to find violence no matter where they go. It’s a weird time to be.

But so were the 1980s.  The Cold War bubbled along through the decade that Cait and I were born in.  Nuclear disaster at your doorstep.  I’ve been watching this fantastic new television drama Deutschland 83. Have you seen it yet? It’s a German political drama set in…when else, but 1983.  I won’t give anything away if you’re looking for quality television with a great soundtrack, sink your teeth into this one.  However I will leave you with a mixtape.

I wasn’t very aware of things in the 80s. I spent a chunk of it either non-existent, in the womb or toddling around.  But I do know that if there was any other decade I could be a teenager, it would have been then.  The music, the enthusiasm. Teetering on the brink of greatness and destruction.  The neon and the shoulder pads. Maybe the 1980s and the 2010s aren’t so different.  So I wanted to make an energy-filled enthusiastic mix to start the week off with.  Can you pick out which tunes are a throwback to the synth-filled 80s and which ones are the real deal? I hope you enjoy and have a happy Monday!


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