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Photo Credit: CBS via Getty Images

It’s one of those weeks that feels like we are on the verge of something. Not totally sure what that something is, but it’s pretty real for both of us. The last YEAR on the blog (stay tuned for another post this afternoon) has been wonderful, but we have been simmering, figuring how things work, testing out different ideas and learning. Tiff has been ping-ponging all over SE Asia the past few months, talking to some of the pros in the area and getting ideas about how to grow into this new-ish creative field. Cait has been in London, you may have heard, and been thinking a lot about where to go and what is next. We are loving the simmer, the slow, calm energy of something good that you know will happen soon, but we are getting to the point of boil over, and it’s going to be great.

Happy someone else shares my joy of school shopping.

And very happy that there are other duos making it happen in this new deal.

Fan-girling video format aside, Ms Swift has some pretty solid things to say.

We both are basically doing two things at once these days, so I know I’m gonna need to hang out in some of these.

A friend from college runs Dear World, an amazing project that started in New Orleans. Watch this please. Then go here.

I love it when geeks, horror movies, some comedy and a couple of Canucks get together and make a movie.

Looking for underwater cameras? A new cool London friend just reviewed a bunch of them for the Telegraph.

All of these I will read. Okay fine, maybe like 5 of them.

My new Macbook Air is getting decked out in these and these.


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