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Tathata-Swift-Bag-HeaderIf I love something, I can’t really shut up about it. Or in this case: bring it with me everywhere.  Last week we talked to the peeps behind Tathata Brand.  This week, I’m all about their product.  And I am happy to announce that this is not a sponsored post, and all of these thoughts are my own.

A couple of weeks ago, I got to hang out in Bangkok with the fabulous Jane Heng (more about that later this week), and we couldn’t but help to wax poetic about Tathata’s multi-wear, nearly-all-purpose, super sturdy Swift Bag.  They even made a video about every way you can use it! (Also, it wouldn’t be a happy monday without some video content).


Jane toting around Tathata’s Swift bag in Sea, while wearing this fabulous outfit (similar shirt, skirt)from Vick’s Weekend.

Jane and I toted our Swifties (mine is in Wild) around Bangkok loaded up with laptops, cameras and everything we need for a jam packed day of work and play in Bangkok.  So of course, we decided to do a tiny shoot to show our love for this workhorse of a bag. Jane has taken hers more countries than I can count and it keeps trucking.  And I am planning to take mine all the way to Kenya in September.  Water resistant, which is key in rainy Asia, encased in sturdy canvas so there’s no threat of buckling to the weight of my life’s possessions, and the right number of pockets to prevent me from prolonged awkward hunting for keys. I can’t stop the compliments.

03---Jane-getting-blown-awayGet yours soon too, because they are selling like hot cakes. Or perhaps I should say really good noodles, since we’re in southeast Asia.


Jane clearly has the subtle hop better mastered than I have.

07---tiff-and-jane-walking-with-backpacksYou can find Tathata products for sale on their website (with free shipping internationally).  If you are in Bangkok, you can also find them every Saturday at Chatuchak Market.  They also have a number of stockists in Thailand and selected cities in Asia and Europe which you can find here

All photos by Tiffany Tsang, with help from Michael Brown.  Please request permission for use.



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