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I spent last weekend in Amsterdam with a few friends and a long list of things of things to see. I love making the list before a trip, because it’s fun getting all excited about the restaurants, museums, parks, art stuff and everything else a new place has to see. I get excited about potential. This was a particularly long list, with some of the usual suspects, and a few well-researched treasure hunts.

I did all of two things on the list.

There is something wonderfully satisfying about ditching plans and doing nothing. It’s sort of like the feeling that I get when I remember I’m a grown up and I CAN buy as much candy as I want. Instead ticking off different attractions on my list, we spent the better part of the weekend sitting on a dock, feeding birds and eating cheese.


I will be back to Amsterdam to see the Anne Frank house, the tulip fields (which apparently only bloom in the spring), all the museums, and the Victor and Rolf  flagship store. The city is protected by UNESCO, so it will be the same, by law, when I return. I was totally charmed by the places, and am already planning my next trip. Also, I am already out of Stroopwafels and 3 year Gouda, so I will need more of that.






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