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Photo Credit: David Hiser (via Tomboy Style)

Photo Credit: David Hiser (via Tomboy Style)

When did it get to be September?  Tiff is currently thinking that she might have something up her sleeves.  But that’s a little odd because she doesn’t wear sleeves that often in sticky Phnom Penh. Cait is photo editing for her Fashion Photogrpahy class, and recovering from cheese coma. It’s an insanely busy week with too little sleep and not enough coffee in all of the oceans to do it. But will will try. Hope you have a nice little Wednesday.

One of my blog-spirations talks about what she sees as success. shut down and now my life is a little less good.

I totally want to get all into Crazy Eyes’ closet.

My teacher for the next week.

Love what this girl is doing with type.

Good lord, this is a gorgeous house.

I totally want to be Cindy Crawford’s neighbour in the north.

A gorgeous tumblr that I just lost 40 minutes on.

Very jealous that Katie is currently getting some quiet time in the heart of Italy.

On how ideas of success have changed over time.



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